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Artist Gabriel Ballantine grew up in Corrales, New Mexico, where he currently resides.  The natural beauty of the Land of Enchantment, the spirit of the people, and the roots his family have planted have led him back home from New York and Seattle.  As a young man Gabriel fell in love with the vision of art and was immersed in the art world through his Grandmother.  As he has grown into a young man and has pursued other life goals he has never lost his desire or passion to follow in the footsteps of the generations of artists in his family.  

His desire to continue to grow in his artistic talent has brought him to explore and perfect new techniques, color theory, subject matter, and mediums through classes at the local university and through independent study.  Gabriel gives to his viewer an insight into his and his subject matter's soul, each piece bringing you through an aesthetic journey as the eye is led through the piece and the viewer is left to contemplate and absorb the work.  He looks forward to each new adventure he embarks on as he develops each new painting. 

Gabriel has a talent seen in few of his age.  His interests remain in acrylic and pastels and as his talent continues to grow he may very well be one of the leading artists of our time in these mediums.  His love for the subject of art makes him an artist that is near impossible to ignore.  As you explore this site you will see for yourself the true respect this artist holds for his work and for the art world and the true respect he deserves for the contributions he has made in the art field.

Areas of Concentration
  • Paintings
  • Portraits
  • Murals
  • Southwest Impressionism

I take enormous pride in creating every painting, and hope that you'll find something that you like. 
I can also create custom commissioned pieces; call or email and let me know what you want. 
I look forward to hearing from you.